The first #LWGchallenge!


Hello everyone! I’m super excited to share a new monthly challenge that I will be starting tomorrow over on instagram! It’s a 7 day total wellness challenge to promote positive wellbeing and happiness! Each day there is a different challenge. Feel free to participate in all of them or just one! Don’t forget to use the tag #LWGchallenge and @livewellandgrateful so I can share your beautiful posts!!

You can interpret each daily challenge however you choose to. They are really there as a basic starting point - you can post whatever you think fits! Incase you are in need of some motivation, here are some suggestions for each day:

  1. Batch cooking! You guys...if you haven’t tried batch cooking yet then you’re in for a treat! It’s slightly different than meal prepping. Rather than making all of your meals ahead of time, batch cooking is pretty much what it sounds like - cooking things in large batches. With batch cooking, you can choose how much you want to prepare ahead of time to create meals later in the week. For example, an easy way to start is with simple ingredients such as hard boiled eggs. Take 10-15 mins out of your Sunday to make enough hard boiled eggs for the week. Think you can handle taking it a step further? Wash and prep lettuce and bell peppers so they’re ready to be tossed into a salad. If you’re really feeling wild, cook a large serving of quinoa so it’s ready to be thrown on that salad just before you run out the door for work. Remember, start small. The challenge is to only batch cook (at least) one ingredient. You’ll notice how much of a difference that one little task on Sunday makes on the whole week. 
  2. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. When people ask what is the key to happiness? Gratitude. Happy people are grateful for what they have, rather than what they lack. That’s not the say happy people are never sad or experience stressors. Everyone does. These types of people simply have a “this too shall pass” mindset that allows them to continue to see the positive moments/events/people in their life, which is most important. Challenge yourself to keep a list of what you are thankful for on Day 2 (and every day, but for the sake of the challenge it’s one day). Make this list on your phone, in a journal, on a sticky note by your bed, paint it on the wall of your bedroom - do what you gotta do to remind yourself of the blessings in your life! 
  3. Mindfulness. To put it simply, being mindful is allowing yourself to live in the present moment. Forget about what has happened in the past, don’t worry about what’s about to happen in the future. Be present. This might look like eating a meal because you appreciate and love that you are nourishing your body, as opposed to scarfing down a meal because you’re “starving”. It might look like taking the time to respond to someone after you’ve thought out your response, rather than jumping to conclusions and acting on impulse. This one could be hard to photograph, but use your creativity to share how you chose to be mindful at least one time throughout the day. 
  4. Self-care. I could preach about this all day long (but I’ll just let you read this blog post). Do something for your SELF on this day. Go for a walk around the neighborhood without your children, take a bubble bath, put a coconut oil mask on your hair, turn your phone off after 5pm. Do something for yourself that makes you feel amazing that you wouldn’t normally “have time” for. You do have time. Make the time to take care of yourself. 
  5. Get your body moving! This is something thing we often don’t have time for. How much time do you spend checking emails or  scrolling through social media in the morning? Try doing these things while walking on the treadmill (normal walking pace, slight incline). Do yoga in your living room, take a spin class, or simply choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do something that gets your body moving more than usual. 
  6.  Relationships are one of the biggest keys to wellbeing. They can reduce stress and have been linked to overall improved health. Having little or poor relationships has been linked to increased symptoms of depression and weakened immune systems - makes sense, right? Today’s challenge will focus on who is important in your life. Having strong relationships with family, friends, spouses, partners, fur babies, and others are so important to our health. Share a relationship that you value right now. 
  7.  While it’s true that beauty starts from the inside, we have to take care of the outside too. When you look good, you feel good. Taking care of your skin and hair is key to feeling 100% each day. How many times have you rolled out of bed in the morning and thrown your hair in a top bun and felt great about it? What about when you fell asleep with your makeup on? I don’t know about you, but waking up with clean skin is more refreshing to me than a face full of dried makeup. Not only is it easier for me to wake up, but I feel energized and ready to start the day. Do something today that is good for your hair or skin. Put a coconut oil mask in your hair. Use a sheet mask. Go the whole day without makeup. Take a biotin supplement. Let your hair and skin be your focus of the day! 

So thats it! It sounds like a lot, but really each of these challenges are simple and can take very little time. Make time for yourself - take care of yourself. 

I’m so excited to see photos of the challenge! Don’t forget to tag #LWGchallenge so everyone can see!