How to detox your home

Your body isn’t the only thing that needs detoxing this time of year. You can hit the ‘reset’ button on your body as many times as you want, but if your house is cluttered and unorganized, it’s likely your mind is as well. Take some time this weekend to get rid of what no longer serves you. 

need more reasons to get started?

Detoxing your environment is just as important to your health as detoxing your body. It’s impossible to think clearly and feel positive energy in a space that is cluttered. (This coming from someone who used to keep everything, literally - from random trinkets to mall shopping bags to nailpolish from 2009). My logic was that although I didn’t need any of the things I saved at the moment, it was possible that one day I would need it or use it. The biggest problem with that logic though is that I never EVER needed what I saved. It was just taking up space.

So for the second year in a row, I’m detoxing my whole house. I’m also sharing this process for anyone in need of a little house detox as well! Keep reading or download the printable PDF below.

Declutter Your Closet

Get rid of clothes, shoes, and accessories you never wear. Have a small closet? Use stackable shelves or baskets. I use these baskets for jeans. Separate your clothes into seasons and store non-season clothes in bins. These under-the-bed bins from The Container Store have been perfect for storing shoes and clothes. Shoes are always the hardest for me to organize. I’ve realized the best way for my to keep my shoes under control is to only display shoes that are in season. The rest get hidden in a bin under the bed. So sad, I know. But it feels great to open my walk-in closet and actually have room to walk in. #smallapartmentproblems

Photo by  Alexandra Gorn  on  Unsplash

Freshen Up Your Office Space

Clear off your desk or workspace so it's free of clutter. Add a desk calendar to stay extra organized. I use a dry erase one similar to this. Also, is it just me, or are there entirely too many pens on this planet. The first time I “detoxed" my office, I kept thinking why do I have so many pens?? There were pens in drawers, pens in baskets, pens in places that should not have pens. I had to put an end to my pen hoarding by narrowing down my collection to a set of 5-10 pens that I absolutely love. The rest went in the trash. Try going green - invest in a scanner (my printer has one attached) and keep digital documents of all paperwork. Shred everything after it’s scanned. There’s nothing like seeing little organized folders on my computer full of papers that used to be floating around my apartment. It’s also so much easier for me to keep track of everything for school - just make sure you name the scanned document something you’ll remember if you ever try to search for it. 

Photo by  Arnel Hasanovic  on  Unsplash


Clean Out Your Pantry and Fridge

Reorganizing your pantry and fridge is a great way to realign with your health goals. I love opening the fridge and seeing colorful fresh foods, instead of jars of things with ingredients I can't pronounce. Last year I got rid of all my random, mismatched tupperware and bought 6 glass storage containers, plus these meal prep containers for on the go. This year, I added these airtight containers from The Container Store. For the fridge, I started prepping all my fresh vegetables in glass container so they are easy to grab when I am in the mood to snack on something. These bins help keep everything on the shelves organized. This soda can tray is a must if your fridge is constantly being taken over by la croix water like mine. 

pantry storage

Detox Under Your Bathroom Sink

Oh my goodness, it might just be me, but I have never been good at keeping the area under my bathroom sink organized. In college, it was used as a treasure box of hair and skin products, combined with random pieces of makeup, brushes, hair-ties, and bath towels somewhere mixed in. Once again, The Container Store has saved my life. I now use these storage baskets and this shelf (which I think is actually a spice rack lol) to display all of my products. SO. EASY. Also, I don't have space in my apartment for a vanity so I had to be creative with my makeup organization. I used this, this, and this (plus some others) to create a storage spot for my makeup. Clean all of your makeup brushes and throw away any that are over-worn. I’m always so amazed how bad my brushes were after buying new ones. I use this brush cleaner.

makes storage organization

Detox your car

This one is always MAJOR for me and I’m still working on not using my car as a storage unit. Start by removing everything from your car. Only put back what actually belongs in a car. Wipe down all surfaces, vacuum floors and mats, and add an air freshener if desired (I skip the freshener and place one of these in the back because some air fresheners are too strong for me).

- - -

Trust me, I understand the biggest struggle that comes with detoxing your home which is separating yourself from all of your junk (yes, I said junk because as much as we want to think it’s not, it is). When I first started purging useless belongings from my closet I would constantly hesitate and second guess my decision to throw something away. Ask yourself: Will I need/use this in the next year? Would I buy this again today? If the answer is no then pitch it! Also, don’t forget that there are many local organizations that accept gently used clothing and household item donations. I feel much better about getting rid of something knowing that it will be of benefit to someone else.   

I hope this little bit of insight to my experience with detoxing my house has helped! I honestly feel so much more productive, happy, and positive in a clean, clutter-free space. Please let me know if you find this useful! I’d love to hear about your experience with this in the comments!