about me

Kristin Edwards


This blog was first created as Planned Gratitude, a place for working professionals, full-time moms, dream-chasing entrepreneurs, and diligent students to learn how to live a happier, more productive, and fulfilling life through the practice of gratitude - a scientifically proven way to increase life satisfaction.

I’ve always wanted to expand Planned Gratitude to a blog where I share my experiences as a teacher and PhD student to show others that living a healthy lifestyle is possible even if you are a crazy busy student or full-time professional. 

This blog gives you a glimpse into my life, with lots of health and wellness tips along the way. 


my life revolves around these mantras:


everything in moderation

I follow a mostly plant-based, low-carb diet ― but occasionally indulge without feeling bad about it. I workout as much as my school schedule will allow me, and I try to keep a good balance between social activities and spending quiet time alone or resting.


quality over quantity

I used to obsess about how little time I had for the gym, how it was impossible to eat healthy with a 20 minute lunch break, and worried if I was spending enough time with family and friends. I realized that I was wasting so much time thinking about my lack of time. Now, I choose to focus on the quality of my activities instead of quantity. 


health is a mindset

I’ve learned that in order to make wellness a priority, you have to have a positive attitude. Surrounding yourself with other people who share this mindset will boost your confidence and motivation to keep it going. This is where gratitude comes in. Practicing gratitude has truly changed my outlook on life.

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